In September 2020, Brno representatives approved an update to the city’s long-term Vision 2050. They confirmed the previously set long-term direction of the city and the values on which further development of Brno will be based. We are now working with professionals to update the medium-term plan for 10 years and the follow-up action plans with an overview of specific projects for the coming years. Complete Vision #brno2050 for download.



What will Brno look like in 2050?

In 2050, Brno is a synonym for an attractive and at the same time sustainable city in international comparisons.

The people of Brno appreciate the high quality of life in the city, which offers them employment and business, entertainment and relaxation. The fruits of research and innovation are linked here with the economic prosperity of individuals and companies. The urban landscape mingles with the surrounding countryside. Openness and cohesion on the one hand, and a healthy and resilient environment on the other, create a home and safe background for half a million people.

The people of Brno are aware of the scarcity and limitations of natural resources; they support their efficient use, so that the city always has enough water, energy and resources for its development. They want to leave the city in an equal or better condition for future generations.

The people of Brno can see that the city is managed energetically, in a modern and efficient manner. The governance and development of the city are based on a cultivated public debate and long-term cooperation of all partners.

The city breathes for its inhabitants and they in turn can be proud of their city.

We transfer ideas from papers to the streets

Have you ever thought what Brno would look like, in say…. 10 years? We gave these ideas a visible shape already in the autumn of 2018. Now it is necessary to look at these plans again and ask if the priorities and measures we are working on have changed in the current situation. What is more important and what needs to be sped up, and what, for example, is not so crucial to us now. We are working on this together with professionals and we would like to have it done by January 2021. We want to have our ideas clear by the New Year’s Day.

The #brno2050 strategy does not end with the creation of the Plan for 10 years.

Once we know if and how the current situation has rearranged our city’s priorities, we will move on to specific projects and activities for the coming years – the so-called Action Plans.
Will Brno finally have a dignified concert hall? What new sports facilities will be created? Where will new apartments be built?
Some projects are already being worked on, while others are gradually being shaped and their implementation will begin in the coming years. Together we will decide when, how and at what cost the implementation will take place and who will be in charge of it. We will gradually develop the Action Plan together with professionals and with you in the first half of 2021.

However, you can enjoy the first sampling of the upcoming projects in the details of the individual plans #brno2050.

Thank you for being interested in the future of Brno. Please keep following us.

You can find a working version of the action plan here. For the time being only in Czech.

During the spring and summer of 2018, you also participated in the creation of Strategy #brno2050 in the streets of Brno and online. Through the applications ‘Emotional Map of Brno and its Districts’ and ‘I Want Brno To Be Like This’, we have obtained your views on the future of Brno from you.

Results of the ‘Emotional Map of Brno and its Districts’

For the second time in succession, we turned to Brno people asking them to help us create an emotional map of the city. This year also with a request to focus in more detail not only on the centre, but also on other parts of the city. Places where they live or where they like it – simply the places they know best.

More (only in Czech)

Results of ‘I Want Brno To Be Like This’

In the application ”I Want Brno To Be Like This’, you have simply tried out how you would decide on what is important for the city.

The application was made available in two versions – for children and for adults.

What choices did you make? See what Brno should be like in 2050 according to you.

More (only in Czech)

Do you have a question or a suggestion?
We will answer.

Not only professionals within the so-called urban ecosystem but also the citizens of the city of Brno themselves have participated in the creation of the Vision and Strategy #brno2050. And it will remain so throughout its implementation.
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Aktualizujeme plány Brna na 10 let

V roce 2018 jsme podle strategické vize dali dohromady plány města Brna na příštích 10 let. Teď hodnotíme, co je v měnící se situaci nejdůležitější – co přidat nebo ubrat. Základ ale zůstává, držíme kurz.

Plány pro Brno 2019 - 2028 mají 5 hlavních oblastí:


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