Vize města

In September 2020, Brno City Assembly approved an update to the city’s long-term Vision 2050. They confirmed the previously set long-term course of the city development and the values that the development is based on. Vision 2050 offers an answer to a questions what kind of a city Brno wants to be like in 2050 and which are the main targets to reach it.

In 2050, Brno is a synonym for an attractive and at the same time sustainable city in international comparisons.

The people of Brno appreciate the high quality of life in the city, which offers them employment and business, entertainment and relaxation. The fruits of research and innovation are linked here with the economic prosperity of individuals and companies. The urban landscape mingles with the surrounding countryside. Openness and cohesion on the one hand, and a healthy and resilient environment on the other, create a home and safe background for half a million people.

The people of Brno are aware of the scarcity and limitations of natural resources; they support their efficient use, so that the city always has enough water, energy and resources for its development. They want to leave the city in an equal or better condition for future generations.

The people of Brno can see that the city is managed energetically, in a modern and efficient manner. The governance and development of the city are based on a cultivated public debate and long-term cooperation of all partners.

The city breathes for its inhabitants and they in turn can be proud of their city.

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