During the spring and summer of 2018, you also participated in the creation of Strategy #brno2050 in the streets of Brno and online. Through the applications ‘Emotional Map of Brno and its Districts’ and ‘I Want Brno To Be Like This’, we have obtained your views on the future of Brno from you.

Results of the ‘Emotional Map of Brno and its Districts’

For the second time in succession, we turned to Brno people asking them to help us create an emotional map of the city. This year also with a request to focus in more detail not only on the centre, but also on other parts of the city. Places where they live or where they like it – simply the places they know best.

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Results of ‘I Want Brno To Be Like This’

In the application ”I Want Brno To Be Like This’, you have simply tried out how you would decide on what is important for the city.

The application was made available in two versions – for children and for adults.

What choices did you make? See what Brno should be like in 2050 according to you.

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