Why is the Strategy being created at all?

We don’t want the city to develop only on the basis of isolated ad-hoc decisions. We want to develop Brno systematically, with a clear vision of its future, along with you. Together with you we were looking for the answers to the following questions:


Who was involved in the preparation of the Strategy?

By saying that the Strategy is being created for the city of Brno, we mean the 400,000 residents of the city and the additional 150,000 people commuting to the city every day for work, education or other services.

During the debates on the future of the city we were working together and gradually seeking consensus among a number of partners. The city of Brno, which we often perceive only as a political representation or office, is also composed of city districts, municipal companies and organisations. Along with partners from universities, scientific research centres, companies, non-profit organisations and active individuals in particular, Brno forms a unique city ecosystem all of which participates in the preparation of the Strategy.

The resulting Strategy is thus not just a strategy of the office, but a strategy of the city of Brno as such and of all its residents.

What do we want to develop in Brno?

It seems that in the city everything is related to everything. The city is a complicated system, involving a number of interacting components, processes and stakeholders. We have divided the development of the city into three areas – prudent resource management, growing quality of life and effective administration form a framework for Brno’s sustainable development in the future – for its attractiveness for the lives of its current residents as well as future generations.

Quality of life

The broadest area is represented by quality of life, which includes a whole range of key topics for the city’s residents. These include safe and affordable housing and good living environment, the opportunity to get a good education, an interesting and satisfying job, or to have access to basic services.

City administration

Effective administration should be clear and intelligible to the city’s residents, modern and forthcoming to everyone. It should not burden people, but on the contrary, offer them the opportunity to become part of the local community, engaging in planning and decision-making at a local level.


Resources that are available to the city allow for its further development and smooth everyday functioning. Topics from the fields of technical infrastructure, energy management and mobility belong here.

Can planning really be done until 2050?

We believe so. If we take it step by step.

The new Strategy #Brno2050 consists of three parts. The first is a “Vision 2050″ which defines the most important values and goals for the long-term development of the city. It is followed by the “Plans 2030” setting of specific priorities and topics that Brno should sort out by 2030. We have finished the last part – “Action plan” in 2022, which includes individual activities and projects. All parts of the strategy have been developed and are being further updated with the help of Brno’s inhabitants as well as in collaboration with experts.