The #brno2050 strategy does not end with the creation of the Plan for 10 years.

Once we know if and how the current situation has rearranged our city’s priorities, we will move on to specific projects and activities for the coming years – the so-called Action Plans.
Will Brno finally have a dignified concert hall? What new sports facilities will be created? Where will new apartments be built?
Some projects are already being worked on, while others are gradually being shaped and their implementation will begin in the coming years. Together we will decide when, how and at what cost the implementation will take place and who will be in charge of it. We will gradually develop the Action Plan together with professionals and with you in the first half of 2021.

However, you can enjoy the first sampling of the upcoming projects in the details of the individual plans #brno2050.

Thank you for being interested in the future of Brno. Please keep following us.

You can find a working version of the action plan here. For the time being only in Czech.