The new strategy will provide a frame for further thematic development documents for Brno with direct influence on the quality of life of its inhabitants.


During 2017 and 2018 Brno was steadily preparing thematic strategies:

Cultural Strategy

The new cultural strategy was prepared in a participatory manner with the involvement of representatives from a broad swath of Brno’s cultural and creative sector (incl. independent stages, commercial entities, educational institutions, etc.). Its thematic focus includes the whole range of culture – with the established and independent cultural scenes in the city of Brno, including the interconnection of culture and the creative industries. More on the preparation of the Cultural Strategy can be found at

Final version of Culture and Creative Industries Strategy

Approved by Brno City Council 15. 5. 2018

Vision for download.

Analytical part for download.

Strategic part for download.

Sports Concept

A new Sports Concept was prepared in line with the strategic investments in the area of Brno sport and new trends in this area, including new types of sport which require attention.

Final version of Sports Concept

Approved by Brno City Council 11. 4. 2018

Sports Concept for download.

Housing Strategy

Housing Strategy lays the foundations for the systematic development of individual areas of housing – and all types and forms of housing, and not only the housing stock of the city of Brno and its suburbs. It will contribute to the promotion of long-term strategic plans and investments in the housing sector, including the preparation of new sites and projects.

Final version of Housing Strategy

Approved by Brno City Council 19. 6. 2018

Managerial Summary for download.

Analytical part for download.

Strategic part for download.

Health Plan

The forthcoming Health Plan is inspired by the conceptual documents Healthy Cities, and will include all the previous individually designed areas, including the issue of domestic support for carers, providing grants and areas of accessibility, etc.

Final version of Health Plan

Approved by Brno City Council 19. 6. 2018

Health Plan for download.