City ecosystem


We can perceive the city ecosystem as an ongoing collaboration of all stakeholders in Brno, its hinterland and at the regional, national and European levels. The objective of this collaboration is the long-term development of the city.

The city of Brno, which we often perceive only as a political representation or office, is also composed of city districts, municipal companies and organisations. Along with its natural partners from the academic, business and non-profit spheres and active individuals in particular, Brno forms a unique city ecosystem.

Brno can become a really smart city if it fully exploits the potential of the human capital it owns. Our effort is therefore to further develop a suitable environment and tools for a deeper cooperation in shaping the future of Brno.


Scientific Brno – Brno Science Partners – BSP
Universities, research and development centres and the Czech Academy of Sciences
Ambassador: Jiří Hirš

Business Brno – Brno Business Alliance – BBA
Self-employed, small and medium sized enterprises, big corporations, investors and chambers of commerce
Ambassador: Tomáš Psota

Non-Governmental Brno – Non-Governmental Organizations – BNO
Non-governmental and non-profit organisations, associations, foundations and endowments

Active Brno – Brno Smart City Community – BSCC
Active citizens, professionals and expats
Ambassador: Nora Hampl

Brno local government – Brno Managing Members – BMM
Municipality, city districts, political clubs, municipal companies and organisations
Ambassador: Michal Marek

Multilevel Brno – National and European Governmental Levels – NEGL
Brno metropolitan area, South Moravian Region, regional, state and European institutions, government and ministries
Ambassador: Patrik Reichl



Already happened

22 March 2017 | City Ecosystem Meeting 2017, Brno Exhibition Centre, Hall E1, Výstaviště 405/1, Veletrhy Brno a.s.

24 April 2017 | Meeting of the nominated ambassadors of the city ecosystem, Brno City Assembly Hall, Dominikánské nám. 1