To have a master plan is an obligation for each city. To have a strategy, how to develop the city is a choice – and Brno is up to it. We don’t want the city to grow only on the basis of isolated ad-hoc decisions. We want to develop Brno systematically, with a clear vision of its future, together with you.

Together with experts and inhabitants of Brno, we have prepared  a key document named – “Vision of Brno in the Year 2050”. In September 2020, members of the Brno City Assembly approved an updated version of this long term vision. In winter, based on the strategic vision, we made an update of the following Plan for Brno for the next 10 years. This plan was then approved by the political representation in March 2021. Now the vision of the future development is becoming more specific.

Until autumn 2021 we will work on a list of specific projects for the coming years. So that the vision does not just remain on paper, but instead will change Brno into a self-confident city that will bet he envy of the whole world. Or at least Europe.