The proposed city vision is ready

Work on it with us

In the spring an expert team presented the key areas the city should deal with.
During the summer you voted on these and commented on individual points.

Here we are presenting the first proposal of the vision also with the reactions of experts to your points.
Up to 21/9 you can assess these and help to set priorities.
Then we can set out towards Brno 2050.

Brno in 2050 is in international terms a synonym for an attractive and at the same time sustainable city.

Brno’s citizens appreciate the high quality of life in a city that offers them fulfilment in work and enterprise, entertainment and relaxation. The fruits of research and innovation are joined to the economic prosperity of individuals and companies. Urban landscape blends into the surrounding natural environment. Openness and cohesion on one hand and a healthy and resilient environment on the other create a home and a secure base for half a million people.

Brno’s citizens are aware of the scarcity and value of natural resources and promote their effective use, so that the city has still plenty of water, energy and resources for its development. They want to leave the city to future generations in the same or an even better condition.

Brno’s citizens perceive that the city is managed in a vital, modern and efficient manner. Administration and development of the city is based on cultivated public debate and long-term cooperation between all partners.

The city works for its inhabitants and they can be proud of their city.

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Choose your priorities by clicking on up to five of the thumbnail symbols below.

Read the details of the twenty-four values in the three pillars of the vision and join the discussion.
Help us decide what is most important for the future of the city.
Your opinion is important for the formulation of the final version.

Quality of Life

What will life be like in Brno when I grow up?


How will Brno function when I’m 38?


Will Brno use its potential to the maximum in the future?

Choose the 1-5 values that seem most important to you for the future of the city

Healthy people
Coherent and respectful city
International city
Cultural city
Healthy living environment
Nature in the city
Compact and balanced city
Architectural face of the city
City with affordable housing
Prosperous city
Central European RDI centre
Educated university city
Shared vision and good name of the city
Functioning Brno metropolitan area
Efficiently functioning electronic administration
Participative administration
City open in the area of data
Globally accessible city
City with efficient and sustainable mobility
City with effective water management
Energy-saving, independent and resilient city
Self-sufficient and circular city
Clean city
Safe city

Where is quality of life heading?

Where is administration heading?

Where are resources heading?


Initial work on #brno2050

March 2017

Workshops within the city ecosystem, nomination of guarantors for individual values

May 2017

Publication of the introductory proposal of the city vision and first round of public involvement

June - July 2017

Processing of public comments

August 2017

Publication of revised proposal of city vision, second round of public involvement

September 2017

Approval of city vision

October – November 2017

Preparation of main themes and priorities for city development to 2025

autumn 2017 – spring 2018

Preparation of action plan to 2020, including concrete projects and budgets

spring 2018 – autumn 2018

Realisation of #brno2050

from autumn 2018

Get involved!

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